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Art Gallery

The gallery is located in the original olive press from 1904.

The purpose of an art concept as part of Dá Licença, is to go on with a project Franck Laigneau initiated in 1998 with the opening of its gallery in Paris nearby the Orsay museum. His vision was to promote historical design from Norway and Finland. The first entities to react were international museums and private collectors followed by interior decorators. He then developed another avant-garde design field with the anthroposophical art movement. Today design and architecture have been very focused on technology, removed from spiritual and soul.

Between modernity and identity, Scandinavian Jugendstil renewed with vernacular arts & crafts to create a new and better world. Rural environment and traditional values were sublimed into a sophisticated way of living.

Issued from organic Jugendstil and founded by Rudolf Steiner, anthroposophical art contains in itself a dimension of sensory experience.

Many pieces within the style are kept in museums but Dá Licença offers something different, offering the possibility to live among the pieces. At Dá Licença, art and beauty are everywhere.

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