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The Herdade das Freiras emerged in 1830, as one of the important olive oil production. Dá Licença embraces three hundred acres and magnificent hills, including more than thirteen thousand olive trees, emerging on pure, white and pink marble rocks.

The location is unique, with its wonderful 360º view into the Serra d’Ossa forest and into the beautiful castles of Evoramonte and Estremoz, in Medieval and Manueline style.


When Vitor Borges and Franck Laigneau first discovered the Alentejo region in the 2000s, they were overcome with a sense of déja-vu. This landscape felt somehow deeply familiar, the colours vibrant and clear, the smells around them like memories. Here they found their spiritual homeland.

Thanks to stories heard at his mother’s knee, Vitor has a found a true sense of belonging to this place and for Franck, the beautiful rolling landscape and hilltop defences reminds him of why he is drawn to the works of the Jugendstil/Art Nouveau period with its flowing, natural forms and strong geometric lines.

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