Travelling around, Franck and Vitor wanted to understand everything: the labour of the farmer in the olive fields, the life of the artisan shaping local marble, the passion of the shepherd who dedicated his life to creating objects in cork. Travelling through the still authentic Alentejo they ventured into stone quarries, strolled through the impressive fortified city of Marvão and encountered the black and white architecture of the ancient hilltop town of Monsaraz.

Recognising that this stunning heritage is vanishing little by little, they recorded everything they saw created by this population of artists and craftsmen. This is a civilisation where every, single thing must be perfect, where every, single basket is a unique creation, every pot a work of art. Franck and Vitor see themselves as keepers of this thousand-year-old culture.

Drawn to the dramatic and ancient town of Estremoz, surrounded by wonderful vineyards and dominating its surroundings as if still under the protection and benevolent hand of Elizabeth of Aragon, they found Herdade das Freiras. This was home.

Vitor and Franck have devoted themselves to this little piece of heaven, leaving Paris after successful careers in art and luxury business to create Dá Licença, a new and sophisticated hotel.

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